How Can I Tell If My Implant Has Ruptured?

You can have new Richmond, VA breast implants when your old ones burst, whether it is made of silicone or saline. Breast revision, often called secondary breast surgery, is a safe and relatively painless technique to maintain your body and breasts looking wonderful, even though the idea of having additional surgery could be scary. 

Implant Rupture: What Is It?

The “rupture” of an implant occurs when the implant’s outer shell tears, allowing the implant’s contents to flow out. 

Because the body absorbs and naturally processes the sterile saline solution, saline implants will immediately detect this leak. Deflation of most saline implants often takes several hours to days. The leak from silicone implants is usually prolonged and unnoticeable at first. 

Indications That a Saline Implant Has Ruptured

Thankfully, it will not take long for you to notice a saline implant rupture. A patient may notice a difference in the appearance of their breasts, even if they are not experienced with ruptures. 

To recognize a rupture and get medical attention, keep an eye out for these symptoms:

  • Deflation: A deflated appearance is caused by the loss of volume in the implant as the saline solution exits a ruptured implant. This happens quickly after the rupture begins and is the most common and noticeable impact.
  • Despite the lack of visible deflation, a change in the form of the breasts is a typical result of ruptured implants. The smaller or uneven one may seem much more noticeable than the other breast. Even though this transformation usually happens quickly, it can happen more slowly due to tiny implant leakage.
  • Inflammation or soreness: If an implant has burst, the shell may irritate or irritate the inside of the breast.

Indications That Your Silicone Implant Has Ruptured

In silicone implants, ruptures are more likely to be “silent” than saline implants, which can be easily noticed. In other words, they might not exhibit any out-of-the-ordinary symptoms. 

If your silicone implant bursts, here are some symptoms to look out for:

  • Tenderness or pain: Inflammation of the surrounding tissue could occur if silicone has seeped into the breast. Pain or sensitivity of the affected area could be the outcome.
  • Alteration to form: The size and form of the breasts can be slightly altered by ruptured silicone implants. However, this alteration will be slow and minor. Loss of silicone can cause an implant to look smaller or have an irregular contour.
  • Leaks in or around the breast: Silicone does leak, but it does it in little clumps. Some people may notice these because they look like bumps under the skin. While the silicone may remain close to the breast, portions can move to other body parts. The body will not absorb the silicone. Thus, it must be removed in such circumstances.

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