Viable Route To Stopping Smoking Completely

The rise in the popularity of Vaping is due to the many benefits that people find are almost immediately apparent when switching from smoking traditional forms of Tobacco.

Possibility the most appealing reason for Vaping is that it provides a viable route to stopping smoking completely, which many try to do every year using a variety of patches, Chewing gums, self-help books as alternatives to Cigarettes.

The move to Vaping brings with it other gains to the user, which can include –

  • Significant Health benefits.
  • The difference in cost between the two mediums.
  • Vapour is less harmful than second-hand smoke.
  • The difference in smell between Vapour and Smoke.
  • Wide range of different devices at a range of costs.
  • The large number of different favours to use/try.

One of the more engaging assets of Vaping is the many different types of e liquid available to choose from for the Vaper’s perusal.

Speaking from experience, initially, when I started Vaping around in 2015, there wasn’t a tremendous amount of choice in the marketplace. Still, now everything has expanded into an almost innumerable range of tastes and flavours to choose from. Tobacco-based flavours try to give the Vaper a re-creation for their favourite brand of Cigarettes. These can include American Blend or Menthol, which appeal to the many Vapers who enjoyed the taste of smoking. These are known as PG based Vape liquids as they contain a higher percentage of Propylene Glycol.

On the flip side, Vapers who would rather their Vaping experience was an altogether sweeter affair can choose from many sweet flavours from Fruits, Desserts and even popular brands of Sweets and Chocolates. The choice is endless!!

These are known as VG based liquids as they contain a more significant amount of Vegetable Glycerine. All e liquids combine PG and VG at different percentages together with Nicotine and food flavourings.

Another difference in the range of e liquids available is the different strength of their Nicotine content in their e-liquid; this is measured in milligrams (mg) and can range from low strength at around 3mg to high strength is around 18mg.

The ability to change or reduce the amount of Nicotine in their e-liquid is, as mentioned previously is of great benefit to many different types of Vapers, from one to quit entirely by means of a gradual reduction and to the more casual Vaper who wants only a small amount of Nicotine in their Vaping. The discerning Vaper also could mix different flavours to create their unique flavour, which can be tried and improved upon until their taste is satisfied.

The adaptability of e-liquid in that the quantity of each of the four components can be altered and experimented with to improve taste and flavour is one of the major plus points for most long-term Vapers. The combination of versatility and a massive amount of taste and flavour e liquid options make vaping an excellent alternative that’s here to stay.


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