What to Avoid Before an Epidural Steroid Injection

An epidural, a minimally invasive procedure that relieves pain and discomfort in the spine and back, is an epidural. Although it sounds a bit scary to have medication injected directly into your spine it is a safe procedure that most people can safely perform regularly. It is important to prepare for this procedure as with all medical procedures.

Things to Avoid before an Epidural Injection

There is not much to be concerned about because of the nature and dosage of the drugs. There are three things you should avoid before getting an epidural steroid injection.

Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs

Before the procedure, you should stop using Ibuprofen medications like Advil, Nuprin or aspirin. The blood’s platelet behavior can be affected by NSAIDs, which can impact how it clots. Doctors should be concerned if NSAIDs are being administered to patients.

This is a problem for many epidurals because patients might not be aware that they are taking NSAIDs. They may also have taken them before the procedure or been recommended by another healthcare provider. Most patients are advised by their doctors to inform them of all medications they take. Avoid taking any medication for at least seven days before your epidural.

Liquids and Foods

Your body’s response to an epidural is different so your doctor might advise you to stop eating and drinking immediately after the procedure.

Fasting can also be recommended by doctors because epidurals may occur while the patient is asleep. This means that they have less control over their bodily functions. It can lead to serious side effects if the patient experiences an adverse reaction to the anesthesia, epidural or injection. This is another factor doctors and nurses must consider while ensuring that the treatment goes smoothly.

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