An Introduction to Stairlifts

There are many elderly people that live in two storey home and have a stairlift installed to allow for easy access to the upper floor. The latest generation of stairlifts are safe, reliable and they can be designed for every type of staircase, which is exactly what you need if negotiating the stairs is a challenge.

Heavy Duty Stairlifts

There are heavy duty units that can accommodate up to 25 stone and your local stairlift suppliers in Telford are the people to talk to regarding the installation of a new or reconditioned stairlift. The name heavy duty doesn’t mean a bulky product, as each unit is designed to be streamline, while providing safety and comfort with user-friendly operation.

Rental Options

Many homeowners would rather rent than buy a stairlift and your local supplier offers this option, which is popular when a person is temporarily impaired and only requires use of the unit for a few months. You might wish to have a unit fitted when your parents come to stay, which might only be for a few weeks, however, the supplier is happy to install the unit and remove it later.

Range of Staircase Designs

Typically, a staircase will be one of the following:

  • Straight staircase
  • Curved staircase

When making an enquiry with the supplier, they will request a home visit and the technician can assess the staircase in question. He is able to quote for the purchase or rental and if all is well, the company would take their required measurements and an installation date will be scheduled.

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